Morning Desert Safari vs Evening Desert Safari

Features of Morning Desert Safari

When you want to avail the exciting experience of the desert safari in Abu Dhabi but running incredibly short of time, the morning safari is the most suitable excursion. It gives a quick glimpse to the amazing desert in pretty short time. You need to leave the city at 9 AM. The tour lasts for two hours, and you are back to Abu Dhabi by 1100 hrs. In spite of a short duration, it gives quite a comprehensive desert experience.

The tour operators pick up the guests from their respective places or ask them to assemble at the pickup point; it depends on the terms and conditions. Exclusive 4-wheel drive vehicles are used for the desert safari tour. Normally, Hummer and Land Rover are the most preferred ones.

Camp at Desert Safari Trip What should you expect in a morning safari tour?
Since it is a short and crisp tour, it doesn’t include all attractions of the desert safari, but it gives a brief overview about it. The tour begins at 9 AM when you get onboard a super specialty luxurious Hummer or Land Cruiser. The car moves on the picturesque and smooth road. The moment you enter the desert, you feel the difference between normal driving and driving in the desert.

Since there is no fixed path in the sand, the drivers are supposed to have an in-depth knowledge of topography. Also, it becomes difficult sometimes to move the vehicle further because of the huge resistance of the sand. Safari tour operators have the fleet of seasoned drivers who know how to drive on the sandy roads.

Attractions of morning desert safari tour
As soon as you reach the sand dunes, tour operators arrange a quick dune bashing session of 20 minutes. Yes, you do not feel like getting down the specialized vehicles but the time crunch doesn’t permit more adventure in the sand dunes. For it, you have to choose other safari excursions such as Full Day Safari or overnight Safari Tour.

After dune bashing, you move to the traditional styled Bedouin camping site. There, you get the chance of riding on a camel. Get refreshed with chilled drinking water and cold drinks and get ready for another fun. Enjoy the ultimate experience of sand skiing on the large dunes. Believe it; sand skiing is even more thrilling than ice skiing.

After the sand skiing experience, now it is the time to go back to Abu Dhabi. Some tour program arrangers include lunch in the package by charging a few bucks extra. It depends on you what type of safari tours you prefer.

Some tour operators offer an unlimited supply of soft drinks, water, and coffee. Some operators offer complementary light snacks and biscuits. You should get the clarity about the inclusions while booking the tour. Also, choose a reputed and well-known company that carries sufficient experience of arranging safari tours. Booking the tour with a novice operator may involve risk. Special morning safari tours are ideal for those who want to enjoy the adventurous tour in a short duration.

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Features of Evening Desert Safari
When you want the complete enjoyment in the widespread desert of Abu Dhabi, then the overnight safari tour is the best. However, you may not have that luxury of time at times. In such case, the evening safari tour is the best alternate. It is closest to the overnight tour except spending the enthralling night under the starlit sky.

Desert safari tours are being organized by a large number of tour operators. You have to visit the office of the tour operator, or you can even book it online. Before you proceed with it, here is a comprehensive tour guide for you.

Where to book the tour from?
As stated earlier, you can book it from the website or office of a reliable and renowned tour operator. Always make sure that you pick the right service provider to have an excellent safari experience. Look at the reviews and feedback posted by tourists on the website. You can ask your friends or relatives about it. Do not rely on an unknown or low-rated operator.

Read the tour details well. Read the technical specifications, vehicle details, and itinerary well. Make sure all important activities are included in the schedule. Ask explicitly if you feel some ambiguity.

What are the “must have” features of evening safari tour?
Check with the tour operator about the itinerary and vehicle details. You should be picked by a luxurious Hummer or Land Rover. These vehicles are sturdy and rugged. When you travel through the sand dunes, these high-end 4-wheel vehicles make the experience enjoyable.

How much time is allotted to the sunset point? Sunset in the desert is amongst the most spectacular ones. Hence, you should get adequate time to admire the beauty of it. Ask the tour operator about it specifically.

Is camel ride included in the tour program? Sometimes, tour operators arrange a visit to the camel farm where the overview is given about the camel breeding and grooming. You must ensure that the camel ride is also there on the agenda.

How much time is kept for camping? The most enthralling experience of the Desert safari tour is to stay in the Bedouin style camp in the stretch of the sand. You should get sufficient time to enjoy the multicolored activities in the well-lit camps. You have Arabic music, Coffee with dates, starters and appetizers, and Shisha and Henna tattoos. It is an extravaganza of fun and frolic.

Is BBQ included in the dinner or you have to pay for it? Most tour operators charge you for the food and BBQ all inclusive. However, some operators lower down the cost of food and charge separately for BBQ.

The guide will help in choosing the best evening desert safari excursion. What is the time for returning to Abu Dhabi? You should ask about the timings of winding up. Also, make sure that you are dropped at the hotel and not at the common pickup point. Otherwise, you have to bear the cost of a taxi. Also, it is a troublesome task. Hence, get assured about the drop.

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