Abu Dhabi Hummer Desert Safari tours; travel to the desert in a royal style

Abu Dhabi Desert Safari unfolds mysteries of the vast land of sand. Once you see all manmade wonders in the fabulous city of Abu Dhabi, now it is the turn to enjoy the miracles of nature. The widespread desert is not quite far off from the city, and you can reach there in merely an hour. Tour operators arrange a plethora of options ranging from half-day evening and morning safari tours to dune bashing tours.
There is one more dimension to the Safari tours, Hummer Safari.  Normally, Desert Safari excursions offer shared vehicles that are inexpensive. However, these specialized tours are private and personal. They are more expensive than the normal tours, but the luxury and comfort offset the additional cost.

Why should you choose Hummer safari?
There are several reasons that rate a Hummer safari tour marvelous.

  • You travel in 4x4 luxurious Hummer cars which are considered the best. It is safe, powerful and incredibly stylish!
  • The tour is 100% private and personal. You do not have strangers in the group, and there is no need o wait for people to assemble.
  • If you have a bigger group (4 to 6 people), then it is always better hiring a private car. It makes the journey quite enjoyable and enthralling.
  • You have the flexibility of spending more time on a certain activity or skipping something. It is not possible in the case of group tours.

Evening Hummer Safari

Evening Hummer Safari is a quick voyage to the Al Khatim Desert. You start around 3 PM and come back around 10 PM. However, the six hours are jam packed with fun, frolic and thrill.
Though every excursion to the vast desert brings amazing memories, Hummer tours are incredible.  You get ample time to feel the vibrant colors of Arabic culture. You enjoy the incredible experience in a royal and stylish manner.

Cost: AED 2200 for 01 - 04 PAX, AED 2500 for 05 - 06 PAX ( د.إ )

Dune bashing only Hummer Desert Safari

Cost: AED 1500 for 01 - 04 PAX, AED 1900 for 05 - 06 PAX ( د.إ )

Overnight Hummer Safari: the highlights

  • Typically you need to spend 2700 AED for 4 PAX and 3100 AED for five to six PAX. ( د.إ )
  • The tour contains Dune Bashing (45 minutes to an hour), sand skiing, and sand biking.
  • You get acquainted with the camel farming, camel breeding, and chance to ride on a camel.
  • The camping site is well-maintained.
  • You stay in safe and comfy Bedouin style camps with cozy beds, pillows, and beautiful lightings.
  • Separate restrooms for men and women.
  • Incredible Arabic hospitality. Delicious meals, traditional Arabic drinks, and snacks.
  • Falcon show, dance and music, campfire and star gazing.
  • Stupendous dinner and BBQ.
  • Fun and dance, DJ music and Henna tattoos.
  • Traditional Arabic smokepipe (Shisha).
  • Stay overnight and enjoy complimentary breakfast before you rush back to Abu Dhabi.

Morning Hummer Safari

One must try the Hummer Morning Safari. Since you travel in a luxurious private Hummer, the tour is a little bit expensive. However, the ultimate Safari Tour will give you lifetime enjoyable memories. Typically, you need 1500 AED for one to four PAX and 1900 AED for five to six PAX. ( د.إ )

Tours are available subject to the availability of vehicles, though.


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