Dinner Only Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi - No Dune Bashing

Dinner only (No dune bashing) 16:00 pm to 21:00pm 01 – 04 Persons AED 900 |
05 - 06 persons AED 1200 ( د.إ )

Infographics: Pictorial representation of dinner safari tour activities

When people visit Abu Dhabi, desert safari tours are always at the top priority. Since most of the people have never seen a desert earlier, it is a highly exciting and enchanting experience for them to watch the unending spreads of golden sand. High-rise desert sand dunes and stunningly deep valleys are mind boggling. Dune bashing, night safari, camel riding, and dune buggy are some of the unforgettable aspects. When they enjoy Abu Dhabi desert safari with tour operators like us, it is guaranteed that the experience is simply amazing. At Nuzhath Ideas, we have a wide variety of choices people can select from. Also, check out our special overnight desert safari packages here.
While overnight safari opens the finest aspects of lifestyle and hospitality of Arabia, evening or half-day tours are also equally interesting. The earlier gives a chance to spend a blissful night in the pristine surroundings of the desert, the later gives only a glimpse of it. However, it is not always possible for everyone to spend even half a day for desert safari. ‘Dinner only’ tour is a great option for those who have a few hours in hand, but don’t want to miss the trip to the land of the golden sand.
Complete the official tasks by 6.00pm and get ready for entering into the magical world of sand dunes, camel farms, exotic music and mouthwatering snacks. Nuzhath Ideas picks you up and takes to the peaceful spreads of Al Khatim desert. Our ‘dinner only’ tour includes dance and music (except Ramadan month), bar (except Ramadan month), Shisha (traditional flavored tobacco pipe), henna tattoos, Arabic coffee and dates, and costumes for photographs. We offer platters of mouthwatering snacks and hot/cold beverages (all unlimited) to make it a memorable event.
After a stupendous dinner, you rush back to Abu Dhabi at 9.30 PM with a plethora of memories. With Nuzhath Ideas, it is a truly fun frolic experience!

It is one of the not to be overlooked heavenly experience while you are on a tour to Abu Dhabi. A typical overnight safari starts in the afternoon when luxurious vehicles pick you up right from the hotel. If you are going with Nuzhath Ideas, then it is guaranteed that you are travelling in a vehicle that has been always your dream vehicle. Our specialist drivers have an excellent command on the 4x4 vehicles specially modified for desert conditions.
We show you some photogenic places on the way and offer a chance to visit camel breeding farm, one of its unique in the world. Get refreshed with light snacks and start the thrilling journey again. You will pass through the most amazing dunes and witness the rare sight of sunset in the desert. Our team welcomes you at the luxurious tents decorated in the ancient Arabic style. Enjoy welcome drink and feel free to relax in the sage surrounding of widespread sand admiring the hospitality of Nuzhath Ideas.
A full platter BBQ dinner accompanied with some of the most exotic drinks make it a lifetime experience. We also have traditional dance, music and water-filled Shisha pipe of Arabia. Henna painting is optional. Spend a great night in the ancient Arabic style and come back to the modern life of Abu Dhabi after breakfast. Nuzhath Ideas has a long experience of arranging overnight safari tours and that is the reason you feel perfection at every stage!

Menu - Evening or overnight safari - BBQ Dinner


Hummus, muttabel, tabouleh, fattoush, Arabic Bread

Main course

French fries, pasta, lentil, mix vegetable, bariyani chicken


shish tawook, kebbab, chicken grilled


Apple, orange, Um Mali


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