6 Adventure Travel Spots and Activities in UAE you cannot find elsewhere!

It’s September already and if you have plan to holiday at UAE sometime soon, it is bang on time! October to April happens to be year’s most coveted period for tourists here and so your holidaying idea is opportune!

The fact that UAE is an amazing haven for adventure buffs can surprise some of us. But that is just one of the many reasons to visit UAE; you may certainly have your own. This elegantly raised and charismatically presented land has something for everyone, something that keeps the world tourists enchanted to.

Camp at Desert Safari Trip However, amid those innumerable and tempting attractions that UAE promises, escapades here possess a special mention.

And no, you don’t have to regret if you are not a diehard adventurer; yet a lot adventure exists here for the relatively subtle voyagers. After all, you can always catch up some live action watching other thrill enthusiasts, or unknown daredevils, involving in those adventures on land, in water and in air!

So while “adventure” can be the sole purpose for some travelers to be in UAE, for you it can be one more! Given here are some select UAE spots, and the adventure activities they are renowned for, as the fondest escapades of UAE.

Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi 1. Hiking at Ras Al Khaimah
A memorable hiking experience waits for you in the northern part of Ras Al Khaimah. Particularly those, who would better put off climbing, got an incredibly thrilling prospect on this guided hike. Taking troll on unknown, incomprehensible paths is like exploring a new zone on foot and the expedition gets thriller with every foot you rise above the ground.

As you hike through, there stand the tall, mesmerizing mountaintops, a glimpse of which no less thrilling either. The magnificence here stuns you and prompts you to take out the camera and snap a shot or two.

The trek may sound easygoing for seasoned climbers for the unseasoned, it holds enough challenge!

2. Climbing at Hajar Mountains
Ten thousand feet above the ground level is worth a mention and any day, an invitation to climbers. But besides height, more challenge awaits at the soaring high limestone crags. It takes good bit of valor and determination to covering a challenging altitude to be at Jabel Mishta, and hence this reach is synonymous to invading a strange land.

Another interesting adventure spot here is Dibba where you can climb the cliff over sea and enjoy deep-water soloing.

3. Mountain Biking at Showka (Hajar Mountains):
Mountain biking is a well identified thrill activity and you got plenty of material to thrill yourselves on the trails, which once used to be tracks for animals.
Experienced bikers take away unforgettable moments biking here at Showka in Hajar Mountains.

Your biking adventure multiplies as you move towards east of Dubai and meet one of the most baffling and tangled maze – through Ras al-Khaimah.

Discovery gets more adventuresome biking around paths, professionally developed by an organization of enthusiasts, in rocky terrains. This terrain is full of wild friends like snakes, lizards, goats and more.

For the experienced, tracks at Showka are a welcome turf to try; for the newbie, they say “better practice some more and then come!”

4. Camping at Shwaib:
As much as Dubai enchants the world tourists with its glamour, exuberance and extravagance, it does with its dunes – the perfect backdrop to camp at. A stay here might be matchlessly unique as the camping delight at Shwaib cannot be any close to the priciest of hotels out there in the metropolis.

Encamped amid the long spread deserts here, you are promised a distinct star gazing experience, and of course, a serenity never felt before.

You should not be surprised to meet some locals around – as camping at dunes happens to be a preferred leisure for the urban citizens.
Shwaib locates at Hatta Road. It is a two hour drive from the city. Leave your hotel in the evening and a starry night is all up to welcome you at dune – packed with numerous exciting activities, be it barbecuing, sand-boarding, snapping, or just chilling with your favorite book in hand.

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5. Diving in the Gulf of Oman:
How about an encounter with cuttlefish, the fish that changes colors? Or how about witnessing a large cargo ship that fathomed in here a decade ago?

Well this, and other breathtaking action, is on your list when you are at the Gulf of Oman. You might be a seasoned diver but be ready to amaze here with some strange underwater turfs. Walk down the Dubai’s flaxen coastline and you cannot stop taking a plunge in some outstanding diving regions here.

Anchor Barge, the coral-coated reef that is said to be ruined here years ago, is famous for cuttlefish. So much exciting it is to watch the fathomed cargo Mariam Express. Catch a glimpse of parrotfish; go have a rendezvous with sharks; watch large turtles, scorpion-fishes, etc – in the Fujairah emirate’s warm waters. More explorations happen with drive diving at Musandam, an Omani territory, for surplus underwater views.

6. Skydiving at Dubai Marina:
Regardless of how many skydiving stints you did, rush of adrenaline is the same! It is truly distinct here when you are skydiving at UAE.

Dubai Marina is one of the choicest places for jumpers as nowhere else in world can they anticipate such a thrilling and towering view of the land. If you are passionate jumper or skydiver, you are the best candidate to experience it here.

Before hitting the ground at Palm Jumeirah, your thrill has crossed seventh heaven. Those few minutes you spend in air promise some of the rarest of rare views of chandelier-like deluxe hotel buildings, sand islands akin to the world map, skyscrapers, and more.

This supreme feel comes to rest as the parachute opens and you head on towards Palm Drop Zone.

The five spots and the adventure travel activities in UAE provide a glimpse of the Emirates. Research a bit and you explore many more thrilling escapades – not just to meet your holiday purpose but also to carry some atypical memoirs back home!

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