Disclaimer, Nuzhath Ideas Abu Dhabi Desert Safari

Nuzhath Ideas sells a number of travel and tourism related products which are produced by other service providers. We act only as a consolidating agent and have a limited role in production of those services. The service provider such as hotels, airline etc, for each of the items consolidated to produce the final product has their own terms and policy apart from the general terms and conditions furnished and you should make sure you understand them.
Nuzhath Ideas and its employees donot by any means own hotel, airline, guide services and is not a partner to any of the principle services provided. Nuzhath Ideas is acting as an intermediary or an agent for the services that are provided by the principle suppliers and so no guarantee can be provided by our company on the behalf of the services availed such as desert safari, pickup and drop; accommodation etc. and we have limited control over the actual trip. As already mentioned in our terms and conditions neither Nuzhath Ideas nor its employees, officers, directors, agents or affiliates are co-vendors of these services and thus will not be responsible or liable for any loss injury, death or damage to any persons or property which could be as a result of the service consolidation by Nuzhath Ideas or caused by or arising out of travel or other activities undertaken as a result of such arrangements. It should be clearly understood and acknowledged that each person participating in the trip is doing so at his or her own risk and sould be the sole risk bearer for the inherent risks and dangers associated with the travel, safari or other activities arranged. Reservation of Rights: Any guest or customer who dissuade from the code of behavior expected to be executed during the trip shall be expelled from the tour taking into consideration the safety and well being of the co passengers. Any person rejected or expelled will not be entitled to a refund for unused services.


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