Affordable Desert Safari for a Budget Traveler in Abu Dhabi

When people plan a trip to Abu Dhabi, the Desert Safari is always part of the agenda. However, people have to drop the idea because of unexpected expenses in other activities. Sometimes, the hotel they book turns out to be costly. Sometimes, they hire expensive premium taxi service by mistake. Sometimes, dinner costs more than the expectation.

Experts say that it is not a wide idea to drop the Safari experience because of short of money. Rather, choose a budget safari tour that is cheaper and reasonable.  Don’t worry about the quality and comfort; there is no compromise on it. Tour operators plan these tours more wisely so that they save operating costs. The savings are extended to customers by offering Budget tours.

Half a day Safari Tour is a cost-friendly option
You do not need to plan a full-day tour or overnight safari tour if a budget tour is your objective. You should ask for afternoon tours or morning safari tours. These are short and crisp options where you enjoy the beauty of the desert in fewer bucks. It is a great experience to witness the beauty of the vast sandy area in morning hours and dusk.
Short trips are five to six hours duration. Hence, you can have a quick escape by managing other business or personal exigencies. You enjoy glimpses of Arabic culture in the form of Henna Tattoos, BBQ Dinner, and dune bashing. The duration gets reduced because you have limited time in hand. Also, you do not get the amazing experience of spending a full night in the pervasive desert.

Typically, half-day desert safari tours cost one-third of the overnight excursions. Some activities are excluded so that costs can be managed. Some activities are made crisp and concise. For example, you have a short camel ride or the dune bashing duration reduced to half.

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Look for discount options
If you want to make the Desert Safari trip reasonably priced without compromising on the items covered, then look for discount coupons. Sometimes, tour operators declare special offers on specific days. Off-season discounts are also offered by some tour operators sometimes. Sun setting on the horizon is a wonderful experience in an evening safari tour. Morning Safari is preferred by early risers. You can utilize the day for other things as you come back to the hotel by noon. Usually, half-day tours are offered with discounts because not many people prefer it. When you look for a Budget Travel, it could be a good choice.

Don’t choose facilities that cost exorbitantly
A Hummer Safari Tour is incredibly exciting and luxurious. However, it is not for those who want budget trips. Choose a tour that uses economical vehicles like small buses.  These tours are equally delighting. Moreover, you save good money.

Desert Safari is a “not to be missed” experience if you are on a trip of Abu Dhabi. It is not a great thing to eliminate the trip from your “to do” list because it is expensive. Search the budget options instead. You can find several ways if you search well.

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