Adventure Activities in The Deserts Of Abu Dhabi

Adventure is the inseparable aspect of a desert safari tour. You have various opportunities to test your nerves. Here are a few popular adventure activities offer by the tour operators.

Sand skiing
Sand skiing is like water skiing where you use special skis made for sand skiing experience. Slip down on the slope with an enormous speed and feel the level of adrenaline going up. Cost-effective and professional tour operators offer great facilities to the tourists. Top-notch infrastructure is offered to the guests. They follow stringent safety norms during the sand skiing practice.

If you are a seasoned adventure geek, then the sand skiing experience brings an immense thrill to you. However, for those who are not very much interested in sporty activities should avoid it. They should opt for other sand adventures which are relatively simple and easy.

Desert Safari Dune Buggy

Camel Ride
Have you ever had the experience of riding on a camel? Well, people from Indian sub-continent have it because camels are found in these countries. However, for people of other continents do not get the chance to closely watch this magnificent animal. Camel Ride is a fun-filled experience if you are comfortable with it. Those who have back or neck problems or vertigo should avoid the ride. Due to the physical structure of it, you get a lot of jerks while moving in the sand.

Camel farms breed them and train for various things. If you are interested to know the camel breeding, then you should visit a farm. There, you are explained about the breeding process and training methodology.

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Dune Bashing
Dune bashing is nothing but moving on the ups and downs of huge and humungous sand dunes. The breathtaking experience of going up and down on the hair-raising twists and turns is just marvelous. You remember it forever. When you book the safari tour with a seasoned operator, there is no need to worry about the safety and security. The vehicles are well-maintained and tested on stringent quality norms. Bright sky of desert offers superior visibility which is the essential requirement of dune bashing.

Dune Buggy Safari
Dune buggies are quite popular nowadays because they are safe and comfortable. Due to extensive stability, they are fit for even novice users. Dune buggies are equipped with the latest safety measures and equipment. It ensures a safe ride and phenomenal experience. Fire extinguishers, night lights, GPS, seat belts and roll cages are installed in the dune buggies to ensure rider’s safety. Helmets should be worn without fail. Do not try dune buggy safari if you have health problems such as backache or vertigo. You should consult the doctor before going to the dune buggy ride.

Quad Bike Tour
Quad bikes are quite easy and safe. Those who want to enjoy the thrill of going up and down on the sand hills without much discomfort should hire Quad bikes. Quad bikes are stable and relatively less risky than other vehicles. Book the quad bike ride with an experienced and reputed tour operator so that the risk is the minimum.

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