Vehicles Used for Desert Safari Trips

Land cruiser and Hummer

Desert driving is a different ball game and not every driver is proficient for that. Also, a normal vehicle is not fit for the sandy ups and down. Due to high friction and less stability on the sandy terrain, it is very risky to drive. Especially, while dune bashing vehicles not only move with very high speeds but there are tremendous bums and jerks. Experts recommend that only 4-wheel drive vehicles can sustain the pressure and thrust. With the added power, luxury 4x4 drive vehicles become a superb comfy option for those who want to feel the thrill of adventurous dune bashing.

Since people’s safety is the critical aspect of dune bashing, tour operators use only well-known vehicles like Hummer, Toyota Land Cruiser, and Prado are the most preferred choices. People have a great fascination of riding in these world-class cars. Thus, adventure desert safari tours give them this rare opportunity of witnessing the unmatched beauty in riding the unmatched luxury car. The operators have to follow safety norms with utmost seriousness, and there are penalties and legal actions for irregularities. Dune bashing is a nerve-taking ride on the bumpy terrains of golden sand in the Abu Dhabi deserts with incredibly high speed and utmost safety.

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People have a great fascination of traveling in luxury cars like Hummer or Toyota Land Cruiser. Desert safari brings a superb chance to feel the nasty bumps and jumps in the sand dunes in these cars. Book a safari tour from world-class operators and carry everlasting memories at home. Luxury overnight desert safari is another option to have fun in the night desert. Entire family can enjoy dune bashing in these heavy-duty vehicles. Witness the beauty of the land like never before. Capture the goodness of the desert in your cameras from the window of a super-class luxury car. It is guaranteed to be a highlight of the entire tour. Serene surroundings give the most photogenic display.

Desert safari tour operators make sure that people get the best of their services. Hence, there are enough vehicles in the fleet. However, it is possible that you may not get it in the peak tourist season. Experts say that it is better booking it well in advance to enjoy a fabulous time in the Arabian Desert. Whether it is a half-day trip or an overnight stay riding in world-class vehicle is a lifetime opportunity. Speedy drive in the sandy terrain becomes super smooth in 4x4 wheel drive luxurious cars like Toyota Land Cruiser and Hummer.

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