Best Desert Safari Destinations in the Middle East

I wonder if you've already begun to notice the fact that The Middle East becomes a lucrative option to break. You will get astonished by the fact but Dubai and Abu Dhabi are amongst the most sought places today. Tourists from every nuke and corner of the world want to go there and to have the glimpse of some of the best human-made wonders.

Other than huge buildings, incredible infrastructure and the best malls and shopping centers, there is something unique and special in the Middle East. It is the widespread desert and mind-boggling desert safari excursions. They are full of fun, adventure, and entertainment. Now let yourself get in touch with the feelings of having a wonderful weekend in a camp located in the deep desert. Yes, the feeling is just ultimate. Especially, those who have never seen desert relish it more because it is impossible to feel the excitement of it unless you have the glimpse of the desert. The moment you reach there, you realize the vastness.

Camp at Desert Safari Trip Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the Two Best Desert Safari Destinations
When you browse the Internet to find out most superlative Desert Safari destinations, two choices emerge; Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The two most important cities of the Middle East bring highly engaging, well-arranged desert safari tours that take you to the mystic world of Bedouins; the ancient domiciles of the Arabic Desert.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi Desert Safaris have a few things in common and a few things distinctly different. Thus, you can’t pass a judgment that either of them is superior or inferior. With a bouquet of indoor and outdoor activities full of fun and thrill; they bring unique facets of the vastly desert.

Morning Desert Safari Tours Adventure Dubai Desert Safari
When you are in Dubai, don’t miss the chance of having fun in the desert. Book a lavish safari excursion from a reputed service provider and enjoy these benefits:

• Have one or two days of incredible, all-encompassing fun
• Enjoy a truly hair-raising off-road excursion
• Get the chance of riding some of the best and most luxurious 4-wheel cars such as Hummer or Land Cruiser
• Admire gorgeous, enthralling beauty of the desert
• Get thrilled by the awe-inspiring beauty of humongous sand dunes
• Stay in luxurious camping sites that give you the glimpse of traditional Bedouin lifestyle
• Relish mouth-watering Arabic Cuisine and BBQ dishes
• Feel the warmth and affection of Arabic hospitality
• Taste exotic Shisha (traditional smoke pipe of Arabia)

Dubai Desert Safari providers send some of the most admired vehicles to pick you for a memorable desert safari excursion. The drivers are experts in driving through the challenging sandy terrain. You will be picked up from the hotel or a designated pickup point.

recent-desert-safari-tours Dune Bashing
You enter the sandy terrain, and the first glimpse of gigantic dune leaves you in a mesmerizing state. These gigantic naturally made hills of sand are incredibly high and enticing. They are created by the sand storms, and they keep on moving from one place to another. Dune Bashing - Your car moves on the ups and downs of the sand dunes and you feel like riding on a big rollercoaster.

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Camel Ride
After an exhilarating session of dune bashing, it is the time to have some fun with camels. You get a chance to visit a camel farm where you are told about camel farming. Ride on the back of a camel; it is a superb experience indeed.

Once you are done with camel ride, now here comes the highlight of the show. You will be taken to the well-managed camping site in the far-flanged desert. Here you find luxurious tents equipped with modern amenities such as air-conditioning and Wi-Fi.

Enjoy the traditional welcome drink; Arabic Coffee with dates and dried fruits. Relish the best BBQ dishes you have ever tested. If you stay in the camps, then it is indeed an unforgettable experience. Desert is the best on a starry night!

Desert Safari Tours in the Deserts of Abu Dhabi
Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi is exceptional experience because the unending stints of sand offer the best of Dune Bashing fun. You have a list of activities there to test the nerves. Whether you choose half day safari excursion or full day bash, evening safari tour or overnight stay; Abu Dhabi Desert is always the best indeed.

Sand dunes in Abu Dhabi are the more thrilling than other desert safari destinations in the UAE. They are gigantic and challenging. As far as adventurous activities are concerned, you have a long list there; sand biking, dune bashing, quad biking, sand skiing and so on.

Phenomenal adventure, a lot of fun and loads of entertainment; these are the signature characteristics of Abu Dhabi Safari. Super special safari offers are there during the peak as well as off-peak season. You have to be vigilant while choosing a tour. Make use of the Internet to choose the best safari option.

Imagine yourself in the vast desert where nothing can be seen except the unending spread of sand in all the four directions. You ride in a luxurious car which is fully air-conditioned, quite cozy and comfortable in the tough, sandy terrains. Yes, the thrill of safari tour is beyond explanation; it is an experience that one must have while enjoying a vacation in Abu Dhabi.

When you travel in the far-stretched sand of Arabic desert, then you don’t just experience the adventure, but it is a close encounter with the lifestyle and hardships of traditional Bedouin people. You can imagine how difficult it was in the ancient times when the resources were limited.

All safari tours in Abu Dhabi and Dubai are usually well-managed. The tour operators are professional, and they know the tastes and likings of foreign travelers. Since numerous people from all the continents come to Abu Dhabi Desert Safari tours and Dubai Safari Excursions; tour operators offer the best possible facilities to the guests.

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