Al Khatim Desert Abu Dhabi

Al Khatim Desert is a beautiful stretch of land which is located 82km from Al Ain, 78km from Abu Dhabi. The beauty of this area is stunning, quiet, with rolling landscape and the vast openness of the desert. One can feel very small, even insignificant in this vast splendour of thousands of sands shifting here and there along with a slow growth of ghaf trees as well as continuous travel gazes.

Main desert that is having desert safari in Abu Dhabi

Major Attractions

Abu Dhabi Desert safaris

Desert safaris often involve pick up from hotels and after a fun day in the village, you can do camel riding the head off in a convoy of around 8 to 10 vehicles meant for the dune bashing. It is known to be a great fun amongst tourists where you will be surprised to know it’s not much of a trouble. They usually stop so as to give the passengers some airs and that they don’t get motion sickness. Only skilled drivers are employed.

Arabic barbeque dinner

An authentic Arabic barbeque is accompanied by salads such as tabouleh, hummus, fettoush, mouttabel and Arabic Bread. For the main course, you can try out biryani chicken, lentils, pasta. French fries, mix vegetables, etc. Now for the main BBQ, you can order some smoky grilled chicken, kebabs and shish tawook. Finish that of with some Um Mali, apple and oranges for desert. Search for dinner only packages where you don’t have to pay for lodging charges.

Yola dance

The Yola dance consists of male dancers and is a traditional dance of the United Arab Emirates where the dancers stand in two rows with rifles as well as sticks. They are also traditionally known to control their camels. This dance is all about the proud male warriors and the hunters of the region with the beatings of drums between them.

You can watch some of the best Yola dancers and these dancers are the reasons why it is becoming one of the main attractions of desert safari. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this dance with a cup of good Arabic coffee along with other evening attractions in your Al Khatim desert adventures.

DJ music

Night time attractions also include Dj music consisting of both Arabic as well as English to cater to the interests of the tourists and shake a leg. Just remember to dress up a bit covered since the Emiratis are very conventional people with deep rooted traditional values.


Shisha is a glass encased hookah with tobacco in it which is especially mixed with flavourings such as mint, lemon, strawberry, etc. Enjoy this activity after an Arabic barbeque and meal.

Al Khatim Morning Desert Safari

Your tour remains incomplete if you don’t experience an overnight expedition that often receives the highest acclaim there is something missing. We are there to give you the tour of your life with this charming sandy world, something that you would love to do every time you visit Abu Dhabi. You can definitely feel the vastness of it with the never ending stretch of golden hills into the horizon. Guests are picked up from their respective hotels as well as pickup points and proceed from there.
A morning desert safari will take around 4 hours with approximately AED 1200 for 1-4 persons with pick up at around 8:30 in the morning followed by dune bashing, camel riding and sand boarding. This is often followed by Arabic tea or coffee along with soft drinks and snacks. You will be back in 12 pm before lunch.

Al Khatim Evening Desert Safari

Along with morning desert safari, also consider an evening desert safari. It is impossible to overlook as this is one of the most adorable that is sure to win your heart. Gaze at the unmatched beauty of the vast desert in the dusk. You can’t help but admire at this magnificent creation made by nature.

Overnight stay

You can book for overnight stays where might not be able to enjoy everything the trip has to offer. However, you can enjoy an evening desert safari along with dinner, music and dances..

Dune bashing

For adventurers look out travel programs that are compact and where not a single moment is wasted. Engage in exciting activities like dune bashing, dune buggy and quad biking to make the most of a memorable visit.

Liwa desert safari

Liwa is the oasis desert safari where its mystic charm and unbeatable fun is bound to capture you. Fun and frolic galore while you have a lifetime experience here. You can take a ride to the largest desert adventure in the Arabia while taking home some awesome memories. Take a drive to the widespread sandy landscape with all the highs and lows of a windy road to the breathtaking Liwa Oasis and is an experience worth taking in itself.

Pick up and drop off

There are private cars including Pickup and drop off by Land Cruisers where one car can accommodate 6 persons at a time. You will also find vehicles just to roam around the city or to just have short trip excursions. In case you want to go for a desert safari expedition, always insist for the vehicle that is best in the category.

You need to know that desert driving is not like city driving. It requires powerful as well as high driving skills. Therefore, the drivers should know little knicks and knacks while driving through the sandy terrains but without compromising on the comfort of the passengers.

The soaring heat can be one of the biggest concerns while roaming in the deserts. So, always insist on cars that are superbly air-conditioned and at the same time makes your journey comfortable as well as cool. Apart from that, there should be other facilities in the vehicle along with GPS so that you can have a better tracking and follow-up of where you are going.

4x4 vehicles

4x4 vehicles are mandatory when you need to travel in desert surroundings. Since sand triggers much friction to cars that 2 wheel drive cannot sustain. At the same time, driving them requires a lot of power as well as torque that only 4 wheel cars can provide. However, these vehicles are incredibly comfortable and safe while going up and down the sand dunes. So be careful to safety parameters and quality check while selecting cars from the fleet.

Sand Skiing

You must experience skiing in the icy peaks. How about skiing in the desert sands of Al Khatim? It is equally adrenaline rushing and enthralling. Every year thousands of tourists come here to enjoy this enthralling sport while going up and down the gigantic sand dunes. You can hear the wind whistling while riding on a pair of sand skis while coming down at an incredible speed. The experience is out of this world. Caretakers are available at every point to ensure that the guests have a safe ride while enjoying themselves.

Camel farm

A desert safari is incomplete without a camel since they are so closely integrated. Make sure to that you have enough interaction with the magnificent creatures. They are an important part of the Arabic people who love, respect and care for their camels because it is a vital element of the Bedouin lifestyle.

They have the ability to sustain in a diverse climate of the desert and thus been used in transportation since time immemorial. You can visit camel farms where you will be explained on how these animals are raised, nurtured, trained and lastly used for daily chores. You also learn about the camel breeding process.

Camel rides

How can you forget a camel ride after visiting a camel farm? Camel rides are not to be underestimated where many people compare them to horse rides. However, you need to be careful if you suffer from motion sickness and vertigo as its swaying motions can be extremely uncomfortable if you are travelling for longer duration. .

Look for short crisp rides as nothing is comparable to the thrill of a camel ride. You can observe animal life as well as certain plants that grow in this barren land. If you lucky enough, you sometimes can find a spotted desert owl hooting away and at other times Gazelles and wild foxes are often seen.

Desert sunset

Desert sunsets are something to behold. Enjoy this awe-inspiring phenomenon in this vast stretch of land. It is a known fact that sunsets in the deserts are one of the most beautiful sites. Keep those DSLR cameras handy to capture some of the few precious moments at the best angles.

Falcon show

Falcon shows are an once in a lifetime experience Al Khatim desert safari gives you this chance to have a closer look at this elegant bird and at the same time know various fascinating facts about it. The bird has been used since ages for hunting in Arabic countries. They are trained to catch prey in a desert setting with the help of their uncanny remote sensing ability. Nowadays, they are tracked using radars as well as GPS technology. This tradition of falconry dates back centuries and thus is an admired distinguished bird.

Arabic tea and coffee

Arabic tea and coffee serving is one of the most interesting. Customs as well as protocols have to be followed while the fare. First, you will notice that the Arabic coffee pot is long with an extended spout which is known as the dallah. Some others also refer to it as an A-Malqamah. The coffee cups are small and devoid of any handles and are known as Al-funjan or funjal. In case, any of the cups get broken, cracked or even chipped, they are referred to as mashrum.

Learning how to serve Arabic coffee will take quite some time to practice. To start off, the Dallah should be held in the left hand with the coffee cups in the right hand. The coffee is poured from the Dallah into the small cup or mashrum in a standing position. When it comes to official functions or traditional restaurants, the coffee may be poured into a small stream into the cup from a distance of almost a foot which is quite mesmerising.

While pouring the coffee into the cup, you need to maintain a respectable distance from the guest who is being served. This is done to avoid any embarrassing situation such as unintentional spillage of the steaming hot coffee onto either the server or the guest. The body should be at an inclined position when presenting the coffee cup to the guest.

While the coffee cup is being offered, the server should say “tafaddal” which means please take it or samm (please pronounce the name of God) or khudh (take it please). The server has to maintain an erect and straight posture during and after pouring the coffee. While pouring the coffee, the cup should be filled only one-fourth. This maintains the guests can hold the coffee cup without it being too hot. The server should maintain that no guest on the room is left unattended. Thankfully, you don’t have to go through all these as there are already trained persons for it. Though often they are happy to let you try a bit.

Arabic dress

With respect to attires, both men and women in Arabia are seen wearing long dresses of full length with long sleeves known as Thobes. One of the most common fabrics used for making thobes is cotton while woollen material are used during cold weather. Women’s thobes on the other hand are made of chiffon, silk and georgette and is available in bright and fresh colours.

Henna painting

Applying henna on hands and feet has been popular in Arabic countries since ancient times. Henna stains are not permanent but remains there for quite some days. They are known to have cooling and healing effects thus useful in the extreme temperatures in the desert. A trained henna tattoo artist can conjure up the most eye-catching and bewitching designs on your hands and feet.


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