Advisable Precautionary Measures to be taken on The Abu Dhabi Desert Safari Tour

Abu Dhabi is a beautiful travel destination which promises world class entertainment to the tourists every year. The main attraction is the Desert Safari Trip. Tourists from all over the world get attracted to the long stretched land of sand. The super luxurious and sophisticated Abu Dhabi desert safari has a charm of its own. The gigantic sand dunes, the enchanting spreads of sand, tough terrains and the mesmerizing oasis promises the tourist to have an experience like never before. Following some precautionary measures might make the trip further easy. Another special overnight oasis safari package is also here to check out.

Morning Trips

Though people might have different opinions but a desert looks best on a bright sunny day. If you are travelling to a desert, you must know that the desert shows amazing variations of climate during various parts of the day. While travelling in a 4x4 car you will also be able to capture beautiful pictures if you have the right amount of sunlight. Adventure sport activities like Quad biking, sand skiing, dune buggy are also arranged in the evening. Don’t worry about the climate. The desert will be refreshingly cool in the evening unless it is the summer season.

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Evening Trips

If you are a nature lover and want to experience thedesert’s aura and charm while the sun sets of the dunes, evening trips are the one you should be looking for. Though you will not get the light once the sun sets, still camel rides and dune bashing will promise you to have an exciting experience. If you are with your special one, then go ahead and book a Bedouin camp. You will enjoy an ethnic and romantic experience under the desert stars.

Four Wheelers should be Opted on the Desert Safari

While you go out in the desert, always make sure that the tour operator has booked a 4 X 4 drive at desert for you. Cars like Toyota Land Cruiser, Hummer and Prado are the best for going out in the desert. These cars are equipped with the safety mechanisms and necessary facilities which are needed for a desert drive. Also check that the diver is experienced and is carrying a mobile phone with him.

Medical Check-Up

There is a lot of physical strain involved in the adventure activities in the Abu Dhabi desert. A medical advice is much needed if you are suffering from heart problems, motion sickness and respiration problems. Pregnant women and people suffering from vertigo or slip disk should avoid dune bashing and camel rides.


The tour operators have given a lot of importance to the safety of you and your family while you are out on the Abu Dhabi Desert Safari Trip. You won’t have to worry about anything once you are out on the desert. You can be reassured once you go through all the reviews on the Abu Dhabi desert safari trip that is available on the internet. So go ahead and have an amazing trip that you will never forget!

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