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Desert Safari Tours

Other than the towering buildings and magnificent manmade wonders, the city of Abu Dhabi is known for another spectacular and special thing; the desert safari. Yes, it is said that you haven’t explored the thrill of Abu Dhabi fully unless you visit the terrific terrain of sand. It is not very far from the hustles and bustles of Abu Dhabi city. A plethora of tour operators you can find while browsing the Internet. Each tour provider offers something unique and different.

When you choose a desert safari tour, you have many choices; overnight safari tour, evening tour, morning tours are some examples. It depends on your personal preference and convenience, which tour program you choose.

Morning tours offer an extravaganza of fun
A guided tour to the wonderful desert of Abu Dhabi gives you a bunch of memories that you would love to cherish forever. Come to the calm and peaceful world of sand away from the hassles and troubles of the modern life and admire the courage of the Bedouin people who were used to live in such hardships. Yes, their life was full of difficulties, but the modern desert safari tours are luxurious and enjoyable.

The enthralling morning safari tour starts in the dawn when you are picked up by the tour operators from your hotel. Sometimes, you have to go to the pickup point. It depends on the package opted by you. The trip to the desert itself is enthralling. You travel on the beautifully maintained highway in a luxurious vehicle (usually a Hummer or Land Rover). Drivers are skilled in driving on the tough terrain.

How to enjoy Dune Bashing in 1 day?
Well, you must have heard about the fun and adventure in the Desert Safari Tour. You would be wondered to know the fact that it is one of the most exciting outdoor activities which every tourist must experience. In the widespread desert of Arabia, you spend one or two days (depending on your tour program) in the rustic and authentic Bedouin style.

Imagine a situation where you are enjoying off-roading on a huge dune. With an enormous speed, you move up and down on the sandy slopes and feel the Adrenaline level rushing to the peak. Since you ride on a classic vehicle likes Land Cruiser, safety is not at all a problem.

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How to enjoy Dune Bashing in 1 day?
Many people commit the mistake of avoiding the Desert Safari tour because they think you need at least two days to enjoy it. Yes indeed, it takes two days if you want to have a full-on experience of it. If dune bashing is the prime objective, then it is very much possible to do it in a day (even less than that).

You should pick the right operator while going in the Desert. By the right operator means, you shouldn’t lure by fancy offers and book a lesser known, mediocre service provider. Rather, talk to a few people who have enjoyed Desert Safari earlier. Alternatively, you can take the help of the Tourist Desk in your hotel.

Morning Safari in Land Cruiser

Three ways to enjoy Dune Bashing in the Desert
Typically, you are picked early in the morning from your hotel. Some tour operators ask to assemble at a predefined place; it depends on the deal. You get aboard a luxurious Land Cruiser or Hummer (or any other 4-wheel drive car) and reach in the desert where tall and elegant sand dunes welcome you. The first sight of gigantic dunes gives you a sufficient idea of the fun and thrill you are going to experience soon.

Dune bashing on a Dirt Bike
Surf on the ups and downs riding on an MX bike or Dirt Bike is an experience that is worth taking. Especially, if you are a thrill seeker. It is easy to learn activity and after first fifteen minutes of struggle, you learn how to control the speed and how to jump over the dunes easily. Coaches are experts who teach you everything that is needed to master the skill.

Dune bashing on a buggy
Dune buggies are relatively safe and easy than Dirt bikes. They are safe for kids and elderly people as well. Moving up and down is equally enjoyable and exciting. This two-seater vehicle brings the utmost amusement that you can feel on the sand dunes.

Dune Bashing on a Quad Bike
Quad Bikes are safe and stable as compared to the dirt bike because they have four wheels. You can climb on steeps and slopes of sand dunes without a risk of falling. Enjoy a full-day bash in the hot, golden sand of Abu Dhabi. It is guaranteed that the experience you will cherish forever.

If you have booked a personalized safari tour, then the vehicle is dedicated to you and your family members. Else, you have heterogeneous groups traveling with you.

Red and golden colors are prominent as you enter the sandy terrain. Yes, the morning sunlight brilliantly brightens the sand of Rub Al Khali, the vast desert that surrounds Abu Dhabi. Morning safari tours are more suitable for the adventure seekers because a series of thrilling tours are scheduled by the operators. Dune Bashing, Dune Buggy, Quad Biking, Sand Skiing are to name a few.

Morning Desert Dune Bashing

Camel, the lifeline of the desert is a mystic animal that has all the specialties required to survive in the incredibly tough desert lifestyle. The desert safari tour offers a chance to know about this animal. Visiting the camel farm is a unique and memorable experience. You get the knowledge about the breeding and grooming of camels. Camel riding is a “must have” experience for everyone. It is a fun-filled activity suitable for all age groups. Especially, kids enjoy it immensely.

The raucous physical activity aggravates your appetite, and you relish the real taste of astounding Arabic Cuisine served in the lunch. Chefs keep a perfect balance between authentic Arabic delicacies and continental dishes. You relish the food and remember the taste for quite a long time.

Don’t miss the chance of enjoying Desert Safari when you are in Abu Dhabi.

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